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So, Where Did I Leave Off?

So, Where Did I Leave Off?

So, where did I leave off?

Ah, yes, RISD.

Yes, as I have already mentioned, it was here at RISD where I suffered from my first paranoid schizophrenic episode. All seemed fine or a while. I had managed to complete my second semester at RISD, and I also had managed to make really good grades during my first semester: all "A's and "B's," if I might add.

But something strange had happened by my second semester at RISD, and the “rumors” that I had fallen victim to in middle and high school had now somehow followed me to RISD. But there were no actual rumors at RISD circulating about me, as I believed at the time, and what I found out later (when I became healthy) was that the voices were just voices and that I was sick, and had been for a very, very, long time, sick with a variety of psychiatric symptoms, for seven years -- seven years non-medicated, I should also mention.

So, what types of things did I experience in my first paranoid schizophrenic episode? Well, you’ll just have to read my book when it comes out in order to find out! Yep, I am currently working on an autobiography about these very occurrences and events, and it will, hopefully, be released soon! I’m currently putting on the finishing touches now. But I do not know if I will self-publish my book or if I will seek a traditional publisher for my book which I have titled “If We Could tape Record Our Thoughts.” If I self-publish I can get my book out there in swift time! But if I seek a traditional publisher, I have the opportunity of reaching a larger audience.

So, as for the publishing discussion, I do not know which avenue I will go down yet, but stay tuned! Because I will be making my decision soon, and when I do, the readers of this particular blog will be the first to know!

So, what do you think I should do? Should I self-publish or seek a traditional publisher? Leave some feedback in the comments area and let me know . . .

Now, I would like to switch gears a little, and talk a little more about myself artistically. I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, but grew up here in the South Wedge community of Rochester, NY. I attended the public schools of the Rochester City School District and had always been what some would call the “class artist” in my elementary and middle school years. Once I graduated from elementary school, I began attending Monroe Middle School of Rochester, NY which at the same time had a program for artistic students which allowed for these middle school students to utilize the classroom environment of a neighboring school known as School of the Arts, aka SOTA of Rochester, NY. Now, at that time, SOTA had only been a high school, but by the time that I reached eighth grade, SOTA began offering middle school as a part of its curriculum and it also had moved to another location in the Rochester area, so that the two schools were no longer neighboring each other. When this happened, I became a student of SOTA full time, instead of part time (as I had been in the past when I was a student at Monroe Middle School) in the new building that SOTA moved to. And from eighth grade to twelfth grade I attended SOTA, majoring in the visual arts, until I finally got accepted to RISD, a very prestigious art school, for the Architectural program there. But something happened at RISD. What you ask? Well, you’ll just have to read my book in order to find out just what!

Switching gears again:
So, how am I doing with Well, so far things have been going pretty well. Very exciting stuff! I've already uploaded eight pieces to the site, and will soon be uploading more pieces in the next few days ahead. I’ve also written several poems for the existing pieces on the site and I am hoping to offer prints of my artwork that will include these particular writings. These particular prints should become available in the next upcoming days, so stay posted! For now, my blog readers, I've already uploaded one of these particular prints that I speak of here in this blog post for your viewing enjoyment!  Here is one of my written works for the particular piece below. Enjoy! :

Porch Trio
Three little musketeers
Three little bears
Three little pigs
Three little kids
We are a dynamic trio
All tight and snug like a tiny burrito
We are really quite close
And we love each other most
More than diamonds or gold
Or lustrous gems that glow
Because in each other we have  found a treasure
And a love like ours will never be severed
A trio of friends
With a friendship that will never end
A bond which will never bend
But if you try to snatch one of my toys away from me again?
Well, it depends!

        Copyright 2011 SamDoum Art. All Rights Reserved

And now, my blog readers, you can purchase a print of the finished piece with my artwork and writings HERE!  Until later, and remember, don't forget to Enjoy!

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