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Nana's Love

Nana's Love

So here’s a little bit more about myself. I am a wife and the mother of three beautiful children: all girls including a set of twins.

Our daughters’ names are Miriam, Faith, and Sephora Doumnande. Sephora, or Sephie for short, our baby, is now three years old (she just had a birthday this past November 26th) and her sisters, who are four, will be five years old on March 29th 2012.

Miriam is the oldest of the twins. She was born into the world seven minutes before her sister Faith.  And Sephora is their little sister.

Now, I selected all three of my girls as models for the composition of the beautiful piece “Porch Trio” that was featured in my last post dated November 27th, 2011 which was titled “So, Where did I Leave Off.” And I have to tell you, the poem featured in that post rings truth! Those girls are always fighting over toys! –

Well, actually, what don’t they fight over?!

But, seriously, they are so, so very close to each other and they love each other very much. To see them bond together is just so beautiful, and they are extremely blessed to have each other as siblings. I hope that they will always remain as close as they are now.

My readers, have you ever watched outside of a doorway in your home and listened to two or more children engage in conversation with each other with no adults around? It’s one of the funniest and amazing things to listen to children play with each other when they don’t know that any adults are listening.

My girls have been really fascinated with the Angelina Ballerina movies lately and have been really interested in dance and ballet. Why just a few days ago Faith, Miriam, and Sephora were playing together dancing, twirling, and spinning around in our living room, when Faith suddenly entered the kitchen of our home, where I was getting lunch ready, and asked if she and Miriam could take ballet classes. I told her “Sure, I’ll talk to your dad about it,” and then she went back into the living room, where her sisters were waiting, and informed Sephora that she and Miriam would be taking ballet classes, and then told Sephora, that she couldn’t take dance classes with her and Miriam because she didn’t know the right steps like they did! Too funny! It’s tough being the littlest one! Poor Sephie, she was in tears, but I quickly informed them that they would all take dance classes—together.

Sephie has been feeling left out a lot lately. Mostly because of Pre-K. Her sisters, Miriam and Faith get to attend Pre-K during the week because they are now four, but poor Sephie, she’s too little to attend, So what we are trying to do now is get her into a day care program for a few hours out of the day, just like her sisters, but so far the day care that Miriam and Faith now attend does not have any openings for little ones her age. They said try back in January.

To make up the fact that she does not get to attend day care with her sisters, to Sephie, I temporarily enrolled all three of them into Story Time at the local library in our area, so that they would all be able to socialize with other kids, and I have to say they absolutely love it! Caroline, the storyteller, has been excellent with them. Not only does she read to them, but she also sings and dances with them, and she even brings props, like puppets for the stories and shakers for when they sing and dance!
Unfortunately, though, the last scheduled time for that particular story time program was the day before yesterday, so the girls won’t be able to attend story time at the library for the time being, as the program only ran for the months of October and November and won’t start up again until January which is exactly when Sephie should be able to start day care.

I love reading to the girls though. Caroline, I would have to say, is a better story teller than I am though, but I would say I come close.

Right now some of the girls favorite books are: the “Scooby Doo” books, the “Dora the Explorer” books, and books about princesses and Fairy Tales. They also enjoy a book by the name of “Little Tuppen”  and a book entitled “The Kind Child” has also been a favorite.

“The Kind Child” is a book about a little girl who has to spend the day with her grandmother, but at first does not wish to, and instead wants to go out and play. However, in the end, she actually ends up enjoying herself with her grandmother, and at the end of their time together, the grandmother thanks the girl for spending the day with her calling her a “kind child.” I know the girls really love this book a lot. They keep asking me to read it to them. I know that it makes them think of their own nana, who of course is one of their favorite persons in the world. It’s especially a favorite of Sephie and Faith. But I would have to say, Miriam loves it too!

Speaking of Miriam, please enjoy this piece: a portrait of Miriam along with her Nana:

Nana's Love

Nana's love
Comes from above
I see love in her eyes
Like the sun in the sky
I see love in her eyes
And I'm the reason why
I see love in her eyes
Love at the highest high
Her love is unsurmountable
To innumerable to count
Her love is boundless like space and time
And I'm enveloped by every ounce
I love my nana
And my nana loves me
And when she holds me in her arms
I'm as happy as can be

Copyright 2011. SamDoum Art. All Rights Reserved

Until later, Blogpost friends! And, as always, thanks very much for reading my post!

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