Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If I Could . . .

If I Could . . .

For the past few days we’ve been putting the girls to bed without reading them bed time stories. Instead we have been having the girls tell stories of their own. This idea started when a few days ago, my husband and I went out to Starbucks in order to get some coffee and sit down and chat. Meanwhile, while we were out, my mom, the girls’ nana, watched the girls for us. Now, we didn’t get back until late at night as we made a few stops to a couple stores out in Henrietta, New York. Meanwhile, my mom put the girls to sleep for us. And instead of her reading a bedtime story to the girls, my mother asked, “How about you guys tell me a story instead.” And that’s where our girls telling us bedtime stories began.

Now, the day before yesterday, while we were putting the girls to bed, we had the girls tell us bedtime stories again. Miriam went first, then Faith, and then Sephie. Now when we got to Sephie, this is how she opened up her story … “My intention is . . . ” Too funny! Can someone please tell me why the word “intention” is a part of a three year old’s vocabulary?! And she’s barely even three! She just turned three this past November 26th. Not even a month ago!

I really think that this generation of kids has got to be one of the most smartest, brightest and most intelligent ever! Kids have gotten to be so smart these days. Smarter than any generation of kids in the past, I believe. Almost every kid I know of or am aware of, in these times, seems to be gifted in some way intellectually. I have three beautiful, smart daughters, but I am also aware of the awesome amount of intelligence of other kids their age too. Kids are just smarter today: Smarter than they have ever been. I sincerely doubt that the word “intention” was a part of my vocabulary at age three. I sincerely doubt that the word “intention’ was a part of many of us’ vocabularies (who are adults now) at age three. Too funny about Sephora, and maybe even a bit scary. But we have a lot of funny/scary moments with Sephora. You would never believe that she was only three to hear her talk. She’s a thirty year old in a three year old’s body!

Her sisters are pretty smart too. We’ve even gotten them reading some. I have so far taught Miriam and Faith all of the three letter words in the “–at” and “–et” families, and they have learned these words successfully. I am so proud of them. They are only four and have already begun learning how to read! Very impressive. When I checked Babycenter.com, I read that kids don’t usually start learning how to read until age 6/7, so they are really advanced for their age. I’m a very proud mom!

Sometimes, though, I stare into their eyes and I wonder who they will become when they grow up: When they become adults. I wonder if we will always be close. Will they be good people or bad people, will they marry, have children, go to college, what type of jobs they will hold, will they be happy in life? And I worry sometimes about their future because I know that there are some things that I cannot protect them from in this life: While they are children now, and even more so when they become adults. I heard on the television the other day that one in four women will become a victim of sexual assault in some manner. And that nearly one third of women have been victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives: A very scary thing to hear when you are the mother of three little girls.

I worry a lot internally about my girls’ futures, but I try to live one day at a time, and I try to do the best that I can to try not to worry. I try to tell myself not to worry about things until there is a reason to worry, but there are still a lot of fears inside of me. The song “If I Could” . . . comes to mind. Just listening to that song may bring tears to my eyes, now that I am a mom and I’m sure the same is true for a lot of us who are mothers as well as fathers.

Some may not know which song I am referring to. I have posted a video here from YouTube. It’s very beautiful. Please take a listen:

In other news the countdown to my exhibit "Beauty in the Midst of Voices" begins! : 31 days to "Beauty in the Midst of Voices!” My fine art will be on display at the Mental Health Association in Rochester, NY during the months of January and February 2012. Please come join us during the viewing of some really terrific art work! Opening night for “Beauty in the Midst of Voices," is January 6th, 2012 @ 6:00 p.m., and will feature portraits of my little ones Miriam, Faith, and Sephora Doumnande.

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  1. Another beautiful,powerful, thoughtful and superb entry. That's my gorgeous wife. I totally share your worries about our daughters. I definitely go to bed worrying what their futures will look like, where will they be, what will they be doing 20, 30 years from now. While everything happening in our troubled world today, it's pretty scary but all we can do is remain hopeful, give them a strong foundation, teach them the values of respect,love, peace, justice, hard work, self-esteem,...teach them to be open about the world,....and I'm sure you'll be ok. There is no doubt the future looks very uncertain for our kids and grand kids but we can only hope for the best for them. "Akuna Matata" ( No worries!) as the girls learned in "The Lion King", one of their favorite movies. Despite all the challenges that life throws at us, together, you and I and our friends, family, their teachers,...together, we'll give them a solid ground so that they can go out their and fight for a better life for themselves and for a better world for all. As long as we'll live, we will do our best to plant those values in them, hoping for the best.
    In the meantime, we will make sure we enjoy them as much as we can before they grow up. They bring joy,strength, motivation, courage and hope to us everyday. Just watching them run around, sing, dance, goof around, grow up, fight over toys,...just having them means the world.
    Thanks for a very inspirational and deep post. Thanks for making me a very proud dad and husband. I love you and I'm very proud of you! I'm a very happy father and husband.


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