Monday, July 30, 2012

Just to Stress it a Little Further . . .

Just to Stress it a Little Further . . .

Stressing it a 'lil further . . . Soooo . . . What was that third piece of artwork, that I discussed in the  last blog entry, that I recently created in my studio?
Well, it's a portrait of my youngest daughter (when she was just a baby) sitting up (very appropriately named) on the sofa of our old apartment in Silver Spring, MD. I promised last blog entry that I'd share it in this one . . . So here you go . . . Enjoy!

"Sitting Up" - $400.00

For those of you who are subscribed to my Free Newsletter, you have already seen the unveiling of "Sitting Up." That's the extra perk included when you've signed up for the SamDoum Art Newsletter: You always get to see the unveiling of a lot of my paintings before any one else does. It's your first class pass to all things "SamDoum!"

If you wish to sign up for my Free Newsletter, just click HERE.

Alrighty, now I know that I said that I'd keep with the same style of artwork as a strategy in order to get into the Cornhil Arts Festival next year (2013); but quite a few of you have been asking me to switch it up a bit with landscapes, stilllifes, and paintings of other people besides of the African American race, and also besides women with children: So that's what I intend to do! Time to switch it up!

I've already done my first landscape in my new studio, and I will be unveiling it in my August, 2012 Newsletter so stay posted if your already subscribed, and if your not subscribed, please sign up now! Here's the link again:

In signing up for my free Newsletter, not only will you get news on SamDoum Art, but you'll also be the first to be notified when there is a new blog posting right here on the Blog of SamDoum Art!

Finally, congratulations to our lucky winner of my monthly giveaway, "Liz DeLeon." Liz DeLeon has won a free 20"x30" portrait, inspired from a photograph of her choice (limit two heads per a photo). And has won this art piece just for signing up for my Free Newsletter titled, "SamDoum Art's Fine Art Newsletter."

If you wish to be considered for next months drawing all you have to do is subscribe to my FREE newsletter HERE, then be sure to check your email, as there will be a message from that will include a link that you will need to click on, in order to finalize the sign up process.

A new winner will be announced in the month of August on the 25th, of 2012. If you've already subscribed during an earlier month, don't worry, you will still be entered automatically in the drawing for the month of August, as well. And August's winner will receive a surprise gift instead of the free portrait, But I can't tell you what it is . . . shhhhhh . . . It's a secret, you'll have to stay posted in order to see just what exactly it is!

So what exactly am I trying to stress here with this blogpost?

This and this only: "Please sign up for my newsletter!" (laughs!)

I promise that you won't be disappointed and you can unsubscribe at any time.

All of that being said, that's all for now folks! Talk to you soon and God bless!

'Til later Blog Spot friends!,

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