Friday, August 31, 2012

Great News!

Great News!

SamDoum Art is expanding it's horizons and is now offering art prints and originals on! We plan to open up several other webstores on in the future, but the first store "Afroportraits" has already been launched, and already has three art prints uploaded to it!

We plan to not just offer prints on Afroportraits, but we also plan to offer originals as well.

So, yes, only three prints, at this time, have been uploaded to our Afroportraits store. I've just made the new banner for our Afroportraits store in Photoshop and you can take a look at it here (below):

What do you think? Pretty cool, huh? It didn't take that long to make the banner, but I think that I'm satisfied enough with it to keep it for the Afroportraits store. I could change my mind though . . .

The reason why I haven't uploaded anymore than three pieces of at work to our Afroprints store is because I've been busy with my three girls, but my three little ones will be starting school soon, and they will be attending school for half of the day, so that should free up some time to work on more of my artistic projects.

What will I do with all of my free time while the girls are in school?! I'm so excited!

1. I plan to start working out. We have a treadmill in the basement and I have yet to use it (on a regular basis, that is).

2. I plan to work on some of my writing projects, including "Dear Children" which is a book that I've been writing for my three little ones since I was eight weeks pregnant with Miriam and Faith. So far, I think that I've written over 300 pages to them since then. This book, that I am writing them, is not to be published. It's just a book only meant for an audience of three. When it's finished, that is--when the last of my three turns eighteen, I will take it to a printer and have it printed and made to look like a real book. I think it would be an awesome gift to give then when they turn 18. But shhhhh, they don't know about it yet! :)
3. I plan to work on more art projects. The area that we live in, here in Pittsford, has a lot of beautiful homes in it's neighborhood, and I think that I could possibly get some commissions to draw some of our neighbors homes for them, if they are interested. I've already drawn one home in our neighborhood. I plan to send the home owners, of the home that I have drawn, a postcard with the painting of their home on the front, and my contact info on the back, should they wish to purchase the painting. I will give them first claim to purchase before anyone else, should they decide to purchase it.

So . . . that's what I plan to do in my free time while the girls are in school . .  . Along with picking up the house, doing laundry, folding clothes, cleaning dishes, cleaning the girls room . . .  the list goes on . . . a mother's work is never done! (Laughs)! But thank God I have a very good husband who helps out with all of the chores! I'm extremely blessed !

As mentioned above, we will be opening up more stores on soon. These will include a  "Landscape" painting store, a "Still Life" painting store, and a "Home Portrait" painting store, among several others.

 Well, that's all for now BlogSpot friends, talk to you soon and enjoy!

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  1. Great Job Samara! Keep Up the Great Work!
    You will always have my support.
    Love Ya Rosa


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