Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can you guess what this is for?

"Grab  My Hand" 8"x10" Original Not For Sale
Hey . . . What's this? This pastel painting looks like a hand coming down from the clouds wrapped around another hand. But who does the hand belong to? And is the rainbow hand grasping a child's hand? Looks like a small hand. Who does this painting represent? Perhaps God and a small child. And the rainbow hand might be rainbow because God has no color and is therefore all colors. :)

So we know who this painting represents. But what will this image/ art be used for? Well, the purpose of this pastel painting is kind of a surprise: More about that in my next blog post. Enjoy and 'til then fellow art lovers!

Click HERE in order to buy a Print of the painting "Grab My HAND"

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