Friday, November 1, 2013

4th Pittsford Home Portrait in the Pittsford Home Series

Reference Photo

Hello everyone! I hope you had a very happy Halloween!

Today's painting is of another house on my street and it is the fourth painting in my Pittsford Home Series. You can see the reference photo above.

Below, is a quick sketch of the outline of this particular home.


And in the drawing below, you can see that I've already began laying out some colors and adding some detail. This painting is not finished yet, but I'm hoping that by my next post it should be done, and then I will show you the finished work.

Current progress of 4th painting in my Pittsford Home Series

Well, that's all from SamDoum Art, for now! Hope to see you next time with a finished painting! Enjoy!


  1. Hey There Samara!

    It is just amazing how you capture all the details in these houses! Wonderful.

    Have a fun weekend. Happy First Day of November!


  2. Hi Joan! Thanks so much! I am having a great weekend! I hope you are having a great weekend too! And happy November right back to you!


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