Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's surprise time! Miriam's new painting!

Miriam's new Tiger Cub Painting

It's surprise time! Well, at least it was yesterday morning for my first born baby girl (the eldest of the twins), Miriam. You see, Miriam has been asking me week after week, "Mommy, when are you going to paint my tiger?" Miriam loves art, as she's something of a fellow artist herself, but the one thing she loves more than art is . . . you guessed it T.I.G.E.R.S.!

A little over a month ago she came downstairs to the basement where my art studio is, and asked me for the first time to paint a tiger for her. So consumed with my current "Englewood Challenge" (A challenge I gave myself in which I plan to paint every house on my street before the end of my three girls academic school year), I kept putting it off. But then she asked me again a few days ago and I could see the love in her eyes that she feels for those tigers, and I reminisced on all the the memories of the tiger books that we've read together and on all the the tiger conversations that we've had. At the young age of six, Miriam is something of an activist, already, speaking on behalf of the tigers, and dreaming up ways in her sweet, young, precious mind of how to save them, especially the white tigers, which are endangered. And not only does she love to learn about them and talk about them, but she loves to draw them, herself.

Now, Miriam is an excellent artist herself, for her age, but she knows that mommy has more years behind her in her experience when it comes to drawing, as her mommy has had more time to develop her talent. So this time she did not want to draw her own tiger, she wanted me to do it. And so, after looking into those two sweet brown eyes, I told her the night before yesterday, "Alright, Miriam, the next painting I paint will be yours. I'm going to paint your tiger tonight!" And she was so excited! And do you know what, yesterday morning, I finally surprised her with it. And not with just one tiger, but with three baby tiger cubs. And she was so excited to have received it!

Now just last night, my mother, her nana, went out and bought a frame for Miriam's new tiger cub painting. And the image you see above is of my beautiful, sweet, little girls happy face holding her new painting in her hands.

This new "Tiger Cub" painting now hangs on the wall opposite of her bed in her bedroom and it's hers to enjoy for as long as she likes.

Below, is a close up of progression of the finished peice. I hope you enjoy, as well:

1st step of Tiger Cub Painting
2nd step of Tiger Cub Painting
3rd step of Tiger Cub Painting

Well, that's all for now from SamDoum Art. I hope that you have enjoyed today's blog post. 'Til later fellow art lovers!


  1. Hey There Samara!

    This is BEAUTIFUL. As I mentioned at your FB page, I just LOVE precious moments like this!!! Just look at that smile !! Beautiful.

    And of course, I love the painting, too! Love that you painted three cubs! The arrangement is wonderful.

    Have a great day!


    1. Hello Joan!

      Thanks so much for all of your kind words! I truly appreciate it! And loooooove your latest work as well. So much texture you have created with your table top drawing. Very beautiful stuff! And the black background really make those colors pop! I'm so glad to have met you during Leslie's challenge and I can't wait to see what you create next! :)

  2. Was this the first time you painted animals?? Just looked again at these tigers, they are very, very stunning! Great details. Love everything about this painting.

    Me, too! Glad to have met you as well during the 30 in 30.

    (P.S. thanks for your nice words regarding my 'homework' from the art class.)

    Happy Weekend to you.

  3. It was not my first time painting animals, but it was my first time painting tigers. ;) I used to draw a lot of elephants when I was younger. They are my favorite animal. Just love their big floppy ears, wrinkly skin and long trunks! Kind of an unusual animal to be someone's favorite but I just think they are so cute!

  4. Your painting and your daughter are both beautiful. The look on her face tells how much she loves your gift.

  5. Thanks so much Nancy! Yes, she was very happy to receive the painting! I love seeing her smile! It makes me a very happy mom. I was glad to do it for her. :)


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