Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1 of 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: Animals: Delicate Butterfly

Original 8x10 Pastel Painting For Sale- "Delicate Butterfly" : $50.00+6.95 Shipping and Handling
Five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Years!

Greetings and hello from! It’s January 1st and thus begins another 30 in 30 painting challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta.

I signed up for the challenge in September and I’m doing it again for January; However for this particular painting challenge, my theme won’t be kaleidoscopic snowflakes, as it had been in September, but will be animals, instead! 

Why? Well, it all started with my little princess, Miriam. You see, she inspired me. She asked me to paint her a tiger one day, and then, I surprised her with a painting of three tiger cubs. And I loved painting those tiger cubs so much, that I just couldn’t stop: I’ve been painting animals ever since! (smiles!). (You can read more about Miriam’s tiger cub story HERE)

So this is today’s painting: A beautiful, delicate butterfly drawn in pastel! I hope you enjoy! And God bless you!


  1. I hope you have a creative and Happy New Year! I love your painting for day one of the 30 day challenge. Very pretty soft colors, perfect title!

  2. Thanks so much Debi! I've been browsing your blog and there is so much great artwork to see. Looking forward to seeing what you create tomorrow!

  3. Happy New Year, Samara!!

    ***Waving Hands in Air*** So glad to be a part of this 30 in 30 again. Let the fun begin.

    Your butterfly is absolutely without a doubt BEAUTIFUL. And yes indeed, it is so delicate! A Delicate Beauty for sure.

    I just posted all three of my paintings as I was playing catch up! (Hopefully, I can keep up with the game!!)

    Have a very Fun Friday!


  4. Happy New Year Joan!

    And of course Happy Birthday to you as well. Wow! What's it like having your Birthday and New Year on the same day? Sorry, had to ask . I bet you probably get that question a lot. I imagine, though, that it must be very exciting to have a count down to your birthday! :)

    Thanks so much for the compliment on the butterfly. I saw that you had posted the three paintings last night by viewing your blog on my iphone, but I only got a short glimpse (the iphone screen is small). However, from what I could see, they were really beautiful! Especially the one of the woman in the read dress. I liked that one a lot. And the one of the the woman painting. Great stuff! When the day calms down and the girls go to bed, I can't wait to check back and view your blog again this time viewing them on my computer. Viewing your artwork is such a treat! Your paintings always seem to tell a unique story.

    Wishing you a terrific weekend and have fun painting!



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