Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13 of 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: Animals: "Spotted Giraffe"

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Good morning!

It's day 13 of the Leslie Saeta January 30 Paintings in 30 Days Painting Challenge, and I have a new painting for you today!

The subject matter of this painting was suggested by Joan Princing of Art is a Rhapsody Treasure who suggested that I paint a giraffe.

I painted this giraffe early this morning around 2:00 a.m. since I couldn't find sleep. I think it came out pretty well. What d'you think?

And what do you think I should paint next? Write me a note in the comment section to let me know :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog today!

'Til later fellow art lovers!

A Look Back on the 30 Day Painting Challenge: Animals


  1. Hello Samara!

    Don't you just love giraffes! They are such a cool animal. I bet you are having a wonderful time with your Animal Theme! I have been enjoying your series a lot! I love looking at animals. There is just something very soothing about them. Hey, have you asked your daughters what you should paint next?? That would be fun to see their choices, too. I love your giraffe. She looks very proper, has a certain elegance about her! Have fun with Day #14.

    1. Hi Joan!

      Yes, that is such a great idea! I will definitely ask them tomorrow when they wake up. (Bedtime was at 8:00 pm). Thanks so much for the suggestion! I can't wait to hear what they say. They have been loving the animal series a lot as well. Almost everyday they come down to the studio to see what I've painted in the basement, and their little faces just light up. They think it's really cool to have a mommy who is an artist. And all three of them just looooove animals, especially Miriam who'd like to be a veterinarian one day :)

      Thanks so much for your kind words about the giraffe.

      Wishing you a great night! Have fun with Day #14 as well! :)

  2. I can see you are having fun with your animals, Samara! This giraffe is sweet! Have a creative day and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much Sandy. Yes, it has been a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed painting the giraffe. I've never painted one before so, it was nice to try something new.


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