Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7 of 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: Animals: "Majestic Lion Couple"

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Hello everyone!

The weather in Pittsford,NY and the rest of the Rochester, NY area is extreme--That's extreme coldness, I mean. The weather is so bad today, that all of the Rochester City School District schools, as well as the Rush-Henrietta schools are closed. So my three little girls are home today. It's been advised by the local news that everyone should stay indoors in order to avoid the cold, if they can. Yep, it's freezing outside, but I thought that we could warm things up again and take it back to Africa, where the reference photo for this pastel painting was taken. I have titled it "Majestic Lion Couple."

I found the reference photo for this particular peice on "Paint my Photo"'s website. I hope you enjoy!

'Til later fellow art lovers!


  1. They certainly are just that: Very Majestic, indeed. I love the facial expressions you have given them, so content with each other. Great work again, Samara!

    I hope your cold spell warms up soon. My goodness, that is way too cold. Be careful out there.

  2. Thanks so much Joan! It has warmed up some, but only a little. Most of the snow from the storm has melted. It's still cold though. I'm actually hoping for another snow fall, though, so that my three little girls can go sledding again. They had so much fun last time! :)


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