Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 4 of 30 in 30 Painting Challenge: Animals: Closeup: Male Fallow Deer

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Hello fellow art lovers!

Happy Saturday! The weekend is finally here and I know that a few of you can finally sleep in! And the weather is so cold, that few of us wanted to get out of our beds this morning, as we wished to stay bundled up, warm and toasty! 

Winter Storm Hercules has definitely made an impact! But I'm sure the kids are loving it . . . igloos, snow angels, hot chocolate, ice skating, and sledding!  The weather's cold outside, but it's still a great opportunity to spend time with the 'lil ones! :)

This afternoon, my three little ones will be having a play date with a friend of theirs from school. There's a small little hill in the back of our yard, so the girls will spend a lot of time outdoors sledding and making snow angels. And, if I can talk my husband in to it, maybe we'll go ice skating a little later on . . . Hmmm, we'll just have to see.

Yesterday, me, my husband, and the kids went to Mendon Park, to take in all of it's wintery beauty. And while we were driving we noticed a little deer nibbling away at something on the ground. And the deer let us get so close to her! My husband ended up taking video footage of her and posting it on Facebook. 

The deer shown above in today's painting is not the deer that we saw yesterday, but is a deer whose photo was posted on "Paint my Photo." I used that reference photo in order to paint this pastel portrait. I hope you enjoy!

'Til later fellow art lovers!

Have a great day!


  1. Lovely pastel! Such a pretty face on the deer.

    1. Thanks so much Cindy. Just visited your blog a little while ago and left a comment there. Your work is so inspiring. Love your marker work!

  2. Such a pretty deer. Good job! Your animal series is so nice--doing great!

  3. Hi Judy! Thanks so much! I left a comment on your blog as well. I'm so happy that you are using pastels. I know what you mean when you say a kid with a new box of crayons :) They are so fun aren't they? I've been loving your snowmen. I think you should keep up with the theme (even if you get snow). Those snowmen really make me smile. :)

  4. Samara,

    He is so regal. You certainly captured a gentle majestic beauty in his face. I love this painting.

    We haven't had any snow to speak of this winter. Typically don't receive too much. My daughter is wishing for a beautiful snow to take walks in. As for me...I enjoy viewing it from inside the house :)

    1. Thanks Joan!

      Yes, I know, sometimes I enjoy viewing it from the house too. The snow is pretty but eventually I get sick of it and start wishing it's summer. Then when summer comes and it gets to hot I start wishing it's winter! Ha ha, so funny! Guess I can never be content when it come to weather.


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