Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Drawing Process: A Home in Pittsford, NY Part III

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

As promised in my last blog post, I have the finished first painting in my Pittsford Home series for you today. I think it came out pretty good, though it looks a 'lil better in person than on the computer. Anyway here it is . . .
"1st Pittsford Home Portrait" in the "Pittsford Home Series"

As you can, see from yesterdays drawing (see below) I've added a bit more detail in the landscaping including flowers, flower pots and other knicknacks. The sky is also a little bluer in the drawing above.
Previous drawing of a Pittsford Home

That said, I've recently started the second home in my Pittsford Home Series and I will be sharing a post on how that painting is coming out tomorrow in my next post. Until then, I hope you enjoy! 'Til later fellow art lovers!


  1. Hey There Samara!

    This is beautiful. Oh my gosh...I can't believe it is only an 8 x 10. All those details in such a small painting! Great job. When I first saw it I thought for sure it was bigger!

    Happy Painting to you!


    1. Hey Joan!

      Thanks so much for such kind words! Yes, all those details are kind of hard to capture with such a small space and also with such a soft medium as pastels, but I did my best and I am happy with how it came out, despite the challenges.

      Thanks again and have a great Monday!


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