Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Painting Process: A Home in Pittsford, NY : Part II

Hello All! Hope everyone is having a great day. I sure am.

Although yesterday I had been continuing to work on the first home in my "Pittsford Home" series, I did not post for that day. So here is an update on the progress that I have made on that home portrait that I told you about in my last blog post. Image 1 is the actual photograph that I took--the photograph of which I will be using as a reference to complete my drawing. Below image "1," you'll find several images that reflect my step by step process and progress of drawing this particular home in pastel. I hope you enjoy! :)

Image 1: Photo of a Pittsford Home

Image 2: Blocking out the lines and shapes of the drawing

Image 3: Laying out some basic colors and details

Image 4: Laying out more basic color and details

Image 5: Laying out more color, adding more details, and creating highlights and Shadows

Image 6: Adding more highlights and shadows and coloring the blue sky
I'm still not finished with this pastel painting yet. I'd like to add more details, if I can. Pastel is such a soft medium that at times, when working with a small scale piece (this piece is only 8"x10"), it can be difficult to get the hard crisp lines that are necessary for detail. I love the soft feeling/look that pastels create but it does have its limitations.

Anyway, that's all from SamDoum Art. In my next blog post, I 'll show you the completed painting. Until then, 'til later fellow art lovers and enjoy!

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