Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Red Roses in a Silver Vase

Original Painting: "Red Roses in a Silver Vase":
 8"x10"- Oil on Canvas,  $75+$6.95 S&H USD
Hello everyone! Look what's drying on the easel ! ! !

I have my new painting which was inspired from last week's "What Should I Paint Wednesday" for you today! After the voting on Facebook, last week, this still life of red roses in a silver vase won out.

Love the softness of this piece which kind of reminds me of pastel -- But it isn't. This piece: "Red Roses in a Silver Vase" was painted in oil paint! Fooled ya, didn't I?

I thought I'd switch things up from my usual pastels and decided to do an oil painting today! A rarity from me!  :)

I hope you enjoy!

Oh  --  And P.S.
Please don't forget to vote on Facebook tomorrow in order to vote on what gets painted next week!

Til later, fellow art lovers!


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