Thursday, August 28, 2014

The "Guess What" What

"Autumn Foliage" Oil on Canvas, 8"x10", Original Painting , $25+$10.95 Shipping & Handling
So you wanna know what my little secret is, right? Well as promised I'll tell you, now, in this post!

The "Guess What" What is that SamDoum Art, now has another website and we are pleased to announce it as!

Now my work usually sells for $75 or above, but we here at SamDoum Art wanted to make buying original, great quality art affordable for everyone! So we decided to give birth to our new online Gallery and Store . . .!

But wait! What happens to SamDoumArt,com?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing at all. We just have two great online stores, now, where you can purchase any SamDoum Art painting of your choice!

In fact, this painting above can also be found online at, seeing as how it is on sale for only $25 and all. :)

There are only a couple of paintings added to, however we will be added more soon over the next couple of days and weeks. :)

Well, one more thing to mention . . .

What's that you say? Well, I'll tell you . . . But you'll have to wait until my next blog post tomorrow.

So . . . Stay tuned!

Til Later fellow art lovers!

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