Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh my Goodness! Boooooooooooy!

"Unwrapped Orange" - $25.00 + $10.95 Shipping and Handling
Original, 8"x 10" Painting, Oil on Canvas
Oh my goodness! Booooooy, time really flies, when you are being blessed! So many new things have happened since I've last written on this blog. And yes, I've still been painting, but I decided to take a short break, from this blog, in order to enjoy our new home, my husband and our children.

You read correctly: yep, we just recently moved into a new home! : A large beautiful, gorgeous and spacious home, and it's ours to keep! Can't believe it! Prior to our recent move we had only been renting, but now we are new homeowners!

Everyday I wake up in our new home and it feels like a dream. I find myself thanking God every day, all day, for all of the blessings, and not just for our new home!

Perhaps the greatest blessing, however, is having the sanity, the non-tortured  peace of mind, to finally be able to enjoy my blessings. As many of you know I've struggled with both paranoid schizophrenia and depression in the past. I'm still schizophrenic, as there is no current cure for schizophrenia, but my symptoms have reduced tremendously. Though I still hear the voices, I am still able to function at a great capacity, as the voices no longer yell in my ears, issuing one threat after the other, with no relief as they had in the past. Yes, I still hear them, true, but now they are more like whispers. And August 2nd of this year marked the third year anniversary of my last  discharge from Strong Memorial Hospital, having experienced my last schizophrenic episode, there. So I've been blessed!

About the depression?: well yes, I still suffer from some depressed days, but for the most part I've been extremely happy, and most of this is due to my having peace of mind from the voices!

Today's painting was painted in my basement studio while we were still living at our old address. Over the next few days, I will be posting paintings from those times. However, these new paintings that I will post have never been seen online, well . . . Until now! So Stay tuned to see what painting I unveil tomorrow!

Until then, take care and God bless!

Til later fellow art lovers

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