Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why Metal & Glass?

"Jug with Squash" Oil on Canvas, 8"x10", Original Painting , $25+$10.95 Shipping & Handling

Yesterday I mentioned that I will be studying metal and glass for the 30 in 30 Challenge, coming September 2014. And I also told you that I would be painting metal and glass because I wanted to strengthen my skills as an artist.

How can painting metal and glass strengthen my skills? Well, with nearly all metal and all glass objects, there are reflections, and these objects naturally pick up colors from around them.

Now, when we think of metals such as copper, bronze, or silver, you would think that an artist who is getting ready to paint these colors would only use hues of browns, gold, and greys. However, that's not how metals and glass work. Metal and glass pick up colors from the objects around them. For example if there is a silver teapot on the table resting beside a nearby red apple, the silver teapot would naturally pick up some of the red.

Why do I bring these things up?

Well because in order to see the red hues on that silver teapot created by the reflection, I have to look CLOSELY at what I'm painting, and IMPLEMENT what I am seeing. Sometimes, every once in a while, we artists need a lesson in looking. My studying glass and metal will make me look at the objects that I paint, a little more closer, thus creating a more beautiful painting.

On another note, today's painting is not of glass nor metal, but it is a still life two yellow squashes and a jug.

I painted this painting while living at our old home in Pittsford. I hope you enjoy!

'Til later, fellow art lovers!

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