Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Lioness in Africa

"A Lioness in Africa" Oil on Canvas, 8"x 10", Original Painting FOR SALE: $75.00 + $10.95 S&H


This pretty little lady lioness seems pretty calm and is just chillaxing in the grasslands of Africa. Pretty isn't she. Looks so harmless, like you could walk up to her and give her a hug!

Or . . . not! Well at least not in this life! But you know the Bible says that "the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all."

So maybe one day I'll get to hug a lion! Or an elephant!

Elephants are my favorite animals in the whole wide world!

My husbands laughs at me and thinks it's funny when I tell him that I want to hug an elephant.

He's from a country by the name of Chad which is located in Africa; So, he's seen a lot of the exotic animals that we don't normally get a chance to see in the States. As a boy he had several exotic animals, as pets, like monkeys and gorillas.  Lucky him! I want an elephant!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy today's painting. I sure had a lot of fun painting her!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! Take care and God bless! 'Til later fellow art lovers!

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