Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'm gonna do it!

I'm gonna do it!!!!!!

Take a look at this photo . . .

Photo by Beth Brown

Okay! So . . . I guess I'll be doing another 30 in 30 in January! A fellow artist and art buddy, Joan Princing has convinced me!

Joan is a very talented artist (whose work can be seen here) and she will be doing the challenge in January too! Having the support from other fellow artist friends really helps when you are doing a painting challenge and it's always encouraging to get feedback from fellow artists, like Joan. I truly appreciate all of the support and kind words from my fellow artists, and the comments on this blog and Facebook. And despite the 30 in 30 challenges being . . . well, challenging, they are a lot of fun, and frankly, I just don't want to miss out on all the fun! So, Joan, I'll be joining you, in January, for another 30 paintings in 30 days painting challenge! Yaaaaaaay!

Joan is actually the one who suggested and encouraged me to use all of the paintings from two of the previous painting challenges as illustrations for childrens books, as discussed in my last post.

Also in my last post, I discussed how successful the 30 in 30 challenges have been for me, and I gave the two childrens books that I have written, and illustrated, as examples of that success. However, I also told you that I would tell you about the most recent success that I have had with the last 30 in 30 challenge. And here it is:

While in the process of painting for the most recent 30 in 30 Painting challenge that took place back in September 2014, I submitted two separate artworks to an art show at a local gallery here in Rochester NY. The art gallery's name is called "The Shoe Factory," and the two pieces that I submitted were apart of a show there titled "Sirens and Seahorses". Having submitted those two pieces, the director of the gallery became familiar with some of my other art works, (particularly the still life paintings that I had been doing for the 30 in 30 in September) via my blog and website, and requested to see them in person. I showed her all of the still lifes from the 30 in 30 and she then took about 18 of the paintings to hang in her gallery, and made me a new house artist at Shoe Factory! So now about 18 of my 8x10 30 in 30 paintings hang on a 4 by 8 panel in her gallery! And I'm super excited because it truly is a blessing! And if I had not participated in the last 30 in 30, it might not have happened.

Recently, Beth Brown, the director of The Shoe Factory Gallery posted several images on Facebook of my new 4 by 8 panel at The Shoe Factory. And hopefully she doesn't mind, but I've used one of those photos, right here in this blog post -- above, in order to show you my new panel.

So you see, doing another 30 in 30 is so worth it! It can be a bit challenging and overwhelming, and time consuming, but I'm ready to give it a try and do it again! So be sure to keep checking back on The Blog of SamDoum Art in January 2015, and before then, as well, as I will continue posting even up until then.

Well that's all for now! 'Til later fellow art lovers! Take care and God bless! 


  1. Yay! Your work is wonderful, and looks stunning in the photo. Congratulations on all of your success!

  2. What an exciting post for today!!!!

    HOORAY!!! I am SO happy that you will be participating in the 30 in 30 again! Yes, it is a lot of work, but oh SO worth it. Just look at all the beautiful pieces you created during the 30 in 30's!!

    AND..... Congratulations!!! You must be extremely excited about The Shoe Factory Gallery!!!!!! This is absolutely wonderful news! Congratulations!!

    Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday and a Very Happy New Year!

    See you in January for the 30 in 30!!



    1. P.S. All of your paintings look so stunning on display!

    2. Thank you Joan! I'm getting so excited now! I can't wait to see everyone's work! Especially yours! :) I just hope I can keep up this time. I missed a few days during the last challenge, but I'll do my best to keep up this time! :)


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