Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A 'Lil Worried But the Show Must Go On ! ! !

A 'Lil Worried  But the Show Must Go On ! ! !

I just found out today that a great part of the the staff over at the Mental Health Association has left, and along with them went the woman who was in charge of my exhibition there. As a result of the diminishing staff, when the newsletter went of for the Mental Health Aassociation, my Artist Bio did not get sent out along with it. Usually as well, the Mental Health Association would place an ad in the paper, as well, in order to advertise for the featured artist of the month, but that has not happened as of yet in my case because of the recent staff change. On my part I've already begun to send out some invitations but I don't think that the Mental Health Association will get the type of crowd this month that they are usually accustomed to as with their other artists, which is simply unfair to me. But luckily I am also the featured artist for the month of February 2012 so, hopefully, advertisement will go out for that month.

The new art coordinator on staff at the Mental Health Association, however, is a very sweet lady. She helped to ease a lot of my worries over the new changes at the Mental Health Association and how it affects me, the featured artist. Usually there are two small rooms reserved for gallery space but because she was so moved and impressed by my art work, she asked if it would be okay if we could hang it all up in the main room. I was delighted at the idea and told her yes, Of course!

So the show still must go on! Opening night for the January exhibition is on the 6th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., so please join us! All of us here at SamDoumArt.com would be delighted if you could make it.

In attendance will also be my three little ones, whom I have frequently used as models for most of the peices.

So, again, please join us!

'Til later BlogSpot friends!

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