Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Simple Surprise:

A Simple Surprise:

Bought a simple surprise for the girls this afternoon: Three dry-erase writing tablets with matching markers from Family Dollar. And the girls love them! We like to use these boards to practice their spelling and writing. We had been using only one to teach the girls but since Family Dollar had them for so cheap ($2.99 a board), I decided that each should have their own, and they were a great hit tonight during our activity time, as the girls enjoyed writing out their names on them and practiced their reading skills, reviewing all the three letter words in the” –at”, “-et”, and “–it” families. We haven’t worked on their reading skills in a ‘lil while, but I was so impressed by their memories, Faith really remembered her words in the “-at,” “-et,” and “-it,” families. I’m so very proud of her. So very proud of all of them, actually!

Now, Sephora’s still very young. She’s only three. Just turned three on November 26th, so we haven’t begun teaching her how to read yet, but at the rate she’s going, I’m sure we’ll have her reading before her fourth birthday. Today, with Sephie, however, we only reviewed the letters in the alphabet, asking her what sound each letter makes and the differentiation from the Big Letters to the Small Letters, like “Where is Big “A”, where is Little “A”.” for example.

They also love those little dry-erase tablets to draw on and it makes clean up really easy when you have three artistically talented little ones! So far it looks like Miriam and Faith are going to be great drawers. They must get it from their mommy and daddy! (My husband is a great artist too!)

I’m extremely impressed by their ability to get all of the right proportions when drawing faces and people. Miriam and Faith, our twins, are only four years old, but already they draw so well, and they are extremely creative. I’m certain that they will be excellent artists when they get older!

I’m thinking about trying to build upon their talents by giving them drawing lessons, teaching about all of the artsy terms, like “perspective,” “line weight,” “foreshortening,” “contour,” and “value,”

Right now, the girls are drawing in the conventional way: the typical house with a sun in the right hand corner of the paper, and the family outside. We all drew drawings like this when we were younger, I’m sure. They, however, only draw this way because that is the only way that was taught to them. I really think that when they learn how to draw from observation they will really improve their drawing skills, so I’m thinking about giving them some lessons on Saturday afternoons, and then just sitting back and watching their talents take shape and evolve to greatness!

All of that being spoken, please enjoy some of my little one’s art: Here is one of my little Faith’s masterpieces! : A butterfly which she drew just this night! Very cute! I told you they were talented!

‘Til later BlogSpot friends! Enjoy!

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  1. Great post! You captured the day very well. Love you more! Thanks for everything you do with the girls! You're the best mom for our daughters!


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