Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 23: 30 in 30: Every and Anything Series

"Faith's Portrait" Pastel on Illustration Board, 8"x 10", Original Painting NOT FOR SALE

Hello everyone! It's January 23, 2015 and today is Day 23 of my 30 Painting's in 30 Days Painting Challenge!

My theme for this 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge is "Every and Anything" and over the next 7 days I will be painting every and anything from landscapes, to pet portraits; from people portraits, to still lifes; and so forth! (To learn more about why I chose this theme click HERE.)

Wow! Only a week more to go in this challenge! I'm determined not to miss any more days so I painted ahead, in case if things get too busy and I need a back up painting.

This is a pastel portrait of my little girl Faith, who is seven. She is the twin of my other daughter Miriam, whose portrait I will post tomorrow. They are fraternal twins so they look a little different from each other which means tomorrows painting will feature another little girl (my daughter) with different features than this one (my other daughter).

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Anyway that's all for now from the Blog of SamDoum Art! 'Til later fellow art lovers! Take care, and God bless!


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