Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 16,17, &18 of 30 in 30 : "Dandelions in Glass with Pear", "Red Apple & Teapot", & "Red Pepper on Fork"

"Dandelions in Glass with Pear" Oil on Canvas, 8"x 10", Original Painting,  $25+$10.95 Shipping & Handling

"Red Apple & Teapot" Oil on Canvas, 8"x 10", Original Painting,  $25+$10.95 Shipping & Handling

"Red Pepper on Fork" Oil on Canvas, 8"x 10", Original Painting,  $25+$10.95 Shipping & Handling
Today marks the eighteenth day of Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Painting Challenge! And I am super pleased and excited to present to you not only my eighteenth painting to you, but also my 16th and 17th paintings as well, as I did not post for day 16 and 17.

Why didn't I post? Well, I was sooooooooooo tired! Yes, the last few days have been tough for me. I got over my cold for the most part, but afterwards, I found myself exhausted. The little bit of energy that I had, in the previous days, I have used to take care of (and spend time with) my family. Prioritizing, cooking and cleaning and helping my little ones with homework have to come first, so I used what little bit of energy that I had to take care of them, instead of paint, and when I wasn't taking care of them, I was resting, yes, sleeping! I don't know why I've been so tired, but, so far, today is a better day and I'm able to handle the day without taking a nap (or two).

Anyway, sorry for missing the last couple of days. I'll try to keep up with the rest of the challenge, and maybe I'll paint ahead, for when I have days such as the ones described, in order to have back ups.

I hope you enjoy Day 16, 17, 18's paintings! I painted all three of them today while my little ones were at school. But now, my fellow art lovers, it's time to tend to some chores. I've got laundry to do, dishes to do, dinner cooking to do, and when the little ones get home soon, they'll need help with their homework.

And so . . . Signing off!

"Take care God bless, and 'Til later fellow art lovers!

 P.S. : Please Enjoy These Previous Paintings
from my "Metal & Glass Series :


  1. Oh My Gosh Samara! Three paintings in one day! Whew! That just alone would tire me out :) I love the one with the dandelions, reminds me on when McKenna was a little girl and she would pick them for me :) So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Naps are also a way for the body to heal after having colds and such. I know what you mean....chores! No fun, but truly a necessity. Take care. Can't wait to see what you paint for Day #19.

    1. Thanks so much, Joan! Yes, the girls pick dandelions for me too. It's the sweetest thing. Love them lots!


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