Sunday, September 15, 2013

Leslie Saeta's 30 Day Painting Challenge: SamDoum's Day 15

Not much to say today. Just wanted to post this new painting for day 15! Will be spending the rest of the day with my mom, my husband, and my three little ones. I hope you enjoy day 15th's Kaleidoscope in Ink painting! :)

Kaleidoscope #15: 30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 15
$50.00 , 6"x6", Ink on Illustration Board

Did you Know? . . .

Day 15 : Kaleidoscope Fact #15: When David Brewster invented the kaleidoscope in 1816 at age 35, he was already an established scientist, writer, inventor, and philosopher


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a wonderful reply. I am new to the world of art and loving every minute of it.

    Your kaleidoscope drawings are wonderful. I just finished reading about them in some of your past blog posts.

    It is amazing that they only take you a short amount of time to complete as they are so delicate and intricate. I wonder what it would take for a kaleidoscope company to pick up some of your designs! That would be awesome for your little girls to have a kaleidoscope that their mother made!!

    The history of the kaleidoscope is very interesting.

    When my daughter was a young child, we loved buying her kaleidoscopes - such a pretty form of art.

    Have fun with Day #16 of Leslie's painting challenge!


    Oh, and your paintings of children and adults are beautiful.

  2. Love your kaleidoscope paintings--so colorful. The painting of the child at the top is so sweet!

  3. Thanks so much Judy! I visited your blog today as well and left a few comments on two of your posts. I love your work! Flowers are your specialty! You are really good at them and the tones, hues, and values that you use really make your paintings pop. You are really great a mixing color, I can tell.


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