Monday, September 30, 2013

Leslie Saeta's 30 Day Painting Challenge: SamDoum's Day 30

It's Day 30 of Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, and I have my new 30th Kaleidoscope in Ink painting for you today!

Today is the last day of the challenge! Yippee! Hooray! I did it! 30 days of kaleidoscope in Ink paintings and I haven't missed a single day! I'm proud of myself and I'm also proud of all the other artists who've participated in the challenge. It hasn't been easy, but it's been a lot of fun. Thanks so much to everyone who has been following my blog during the challenge. I have really appreciated all of your support.

In day 30's kaleidoscope in ink, I've returned back to basics (no rectangular composition this time), but I think I'll take a 'lil break from doing kaleidoscopes for now. I have a couple other new art projects that I'll be working on, including illustrating a children's book that I've recently written.

I probably won't be posting on this blog every day from now on, but I hope to post at least 3/4 times a week instead. My three little girls are all attending school now, so that frees up a lot more time for me so that I can finally get some painting time in. Oh, and by the way check these photos out:

The Doumnande Girls go Back to School
They are so cute aren't they? Yep, all three are in school now. Sephie started kindergarten this September and the twins (Miriam and Faith) have started first grade. We are all so proud of them! :) Well, that's all from SamDoum Art, take care a God bless you!
Kaleidoscope #30: 30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 30
$50.00 (+ 6.95 S&H) , 6"x6", Ink on Illustration Board
Did you know . . .
Day 30: Kaleidoscope Fact #30: You can create your own kaledoscope design online just for fun at Great fun for the kids! :)

Click HERE to go to the SamDoum Art Gallery and Store!

A full Month of Kaleidoscopes in Ink Gallery:


  1. Hi Sam, I have really enjoyed looking at your daily Kaleidosope paintings and am so glad I found your blog through the challenge. Your girls are wonderful. Take care of yourself.

  2. Thanks Maggie! I'm really glad to have found your blog as well and I plan to keep checking back on you to see what new paintings you post after the challenge. I've really enjoyed your work. Thanks so much again! :)

  3. Hey There Samara,

    Your three little girls are so precious - and all have beautiful names, too! And I love the Mother/Daughters photo!! All four of you look so pretty!!! It is really special having daughters, isn't it! As I have mentioned before, my daughter is all grown up now. So, enjoy each and every minute because they really do grow up quickly. However, with that said - it is wonderful having a grown up daughter, too! Shoot ... it's just wonderful having a daughter, period!! :o) No matter what age!!

    Congratulations on completing this 30 in 30! WHEW! What a task, huh? I enjoyed it, however, I will be happy to slow down a little!!

    All of your kaleidoscope drawing are amazing. I have really enjoyed viewing each day's work and looking at all the details as well as the colors and designs. You are a very talented artist. I wish you much success with all these designs as well as with your other artwork.

    Good luck with your new art projects, and your children's book! I look forward to seeing them.

    Thank you so much for all your comments and support regarding my art throughout this 30 in 30. I truly appreciate this.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Happy Painting to You!!



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