Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leslie Saeta's 30 Day Painting Challenge: SamDoum's Day 25

It's Day 25 of Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, and I have my new 25th Kaleidoscope in Ink painting for you today! As mentioned in my last post, today's kaleidoscope drawing is in classic black and white like yesterday's. This one might be my favorite out of the two, I think. I hope you enjoy!
Kaleidoscope #25: 30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 25
$50.00 (+ 6.95 S&H) , 6"x6", Ink on Illustration Board
Did you Know? . . .
Day 25: Kaleidoscope Fact #25: Marblescope kaleidoscopes are kaleidoscopes which include marbles as objects in the object box, instead of the more traditional materials.

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  1. Wow. Fabulous! All together, your drawings look like enchanted snowflakes drifting down from heaven!

    1. Wow! Thank you. Those are such nice words to say. I thank you so much!

  2. Love your black and white one today. All of your designs are so beautiful and intricate. It really takes some skill to accomplish all this. I would be hard pressed to choose my favorite--they are all so beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Judy. Your words are very encouraging! So kind of you.

  3. I second that!! Your kaleidoscope drawings are Enchanting! And oh my - when displayed all together - they are absolutely lovely! I'm liking the black designs purely for the color scheme! Black and White are such classic combos! Another beautiful design Samara! (Geeze, now I'm wanting you to have your very own kaleidoscope made so I can purchase it!!!!) All your designs have that WOW factor!! These would look amazing as stained glass motifs, because of the variety of beautiful colors, too! So many possibilities!!

    1. Thanks so much Joan. I really appreciate all of your comments. It is really kind of you. And I love stained glass. I had an art teacher in high school who was really good at it, but unfortunately I never learned. I still remember some of her work. Beautiful stuff!

  4. Hey Samara,

    I forgot to tell you, I showed my daughter all of your kaleidoscope designs and she thought there are just SO COOL. She also said, that you should check out .

    She and I designed our own "Pugs on Parade" fabric using spoonflower. (I have an online pet business...) Anyhow, here is the link to the fabric we designed.

    What you can do is also offer your kaleidoscope designs on fabric for sale at ETSY. TONS of designers do this. And it would be a type of process where once the person purchases the fabric, you order it on spoonflower for them and once you receive it, you ship it out. If you search this on ETSY you can read all about how other designers offer their fabrics via spoonflower. (However, do order a sample swatch from spoonflower first to make sure that your design is repeating the way it should.) And the best part, is there isn't a lot of out of pocket money for you! Plus, I think spoonflower offers opportunities, too. Your designs are beautiful and should be seen by more people!!
    Okay... gotta run....
    Enjoy Day #26.

  5. Wow. Thanks so much to you and your daughter for all of the tips and suggestions. This is really cool! I will definitely look further into it. I just visited Spoonflower a couple moments ago and I'm really excited now! I plan to do more research on Etsy and Spoonflower tonight after putting the girls to bed. Thanks so much to the both of you again!


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